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Services / Pricing

Private Pet Cremation Only

 Pocket Pets <1lb  - $115

2lbs - 49lbs - $225

50lb - 75lbs - $250

76lb - 99lbs - $275

100lbs - 200lbs – $300


Private Pet Cremation is done one at a time and your pet is placed in the chamber private and alone. Your pet's ashes are available within 24-48 hours. Our pet cremation service is for those who wish to have the cremated ashes of only their pet returned to them.


The cost for this type of cremation includes the following:

  • Wooden urn

  • 5"x7" favorite picture with ink paw print.

  • Signed certificate of cremation

  • Identification Coin



Pick up from residence (as calculated by Google Maps):

  • 0-15 miles– $50

  • 16-30 miles – $100

  • Bring pet in or pick up ashes – $0


What Do I Do Next?


Has your pet passed? Fill out and submit the Cremation Authorization Form

Feel free to call us if you have any questions.

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