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Euthanasia at Companions Forever


Bring your pet to Companions Forever Pet Cremation Service for private euthanizing (by appt only) with cremation to follow and take the time to say goodbye in a warm, comfortable atmosphere where your pet can be cared for by the sensitive staff and caring licensed veterinarian in our "Comfort Room".


For many reasons...

  • We treat your pet as a family member in our warm, living room setting.

  • No need to have your pet bagged, tagged and frozen before being hauled off site for cremation.

  • You wish to avoid the busy parking lot, crowded waiting room and a cold stainless steel tables at your pet's veterinary clinic.

  • You may have a large breed and not wish to incur the cumbersome transportation from location to location

  • You may live outstate Minnesota and wish to return home with the ashes

  • You may want to have your ashes returned in a timely manner (next day) – not mailed a week later

  • Have peace of mind knowing your pet is not transferred multiple times and changing hands over the course of the next week

Experienced & Comforting


Euthanasia is performed (by appt. only, with cremation to follow), by an experienced licensed veterinarian in our comfortable, private, home-like setting "Comfort Room" and your pet never leaves the building. The cremation follows and you have peace of mind knowing that your pet is not bagged, tagged and frozen to be picked up at a later date. Your pet's ashes will be available for pickup the same or following day.


We have a number of euthanasia Veterinarians who are available to do the euthanasia at Companions Forever. 


  ​               $300


​                  $400

*We are not an emergency service but can schedule a euthanizing appointment in a relatively short notice.

Rest Assured


Your pet never leaves our facility and private cremation is performed promptly if so desired. At Companions Forever, your pet is treated as a family member and is never placed in a plastic garbage bag and stacked in a chest freezer for days before pick-up.


Call us at 320-253-0022 with any questions or to schedule an appointment.

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