Honoring Your Pet

and the special bond you shared

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Pet Cremation Services in Central Minnesota


We are pet lovers ourselves and know how difficult losing a pet can be. We only provide cremation for pets. We will be with you every step of the way and will treat your pet with the compassion and dignity they deserve. Because your pet is a family member and your property, you have the right to decide what happens to them. Our pet cremation service near you, allows us to be readily available. Let your vet clinic or pet hospital know that you wish to use Companions Forever Pet Cremation Service.

ALWAYS AVAILABLE:  320-253-0022

Why Companions Forever?

  • We treat your pet as a family member.

  • Wooden urn, favorite picture, ink paw print included.

  • No bag or freezer storage.

  • All pets are cremated private/alone, no multiples.

  • Receive or pick up your pet’s ashes in 24-36 hours not 5 -13 days.

  • Pet cremation near me.

  • Personalized pet cremation with on-site "arrangement room", “comfort room” & pet euthanasia.

  • Professional guidance and grief support in the process of saying goodbye to your family member.

  • Friendly staff to help you make the right choice.

  • My pet died, where does it go, how is it handled?


Dealing with the death of a family pet is difficult enough without the added concern of: My family pet died at home, now what do I do? My pet needs to be euthanized, what are my options? What assurance do I really have that only my pet's ashes are returned?

We're Here For Your Pet

Many families mistakenly assume they have to use the company of their veterinarians choosing for cremation. This is not the case. Many families want to have their pet picked up sooner/ cremated properly/ not stored for days in plastic bags and piled in a deep freezer and want to know they are receiving only their pets ashes in return. If you have any questions please call or email us to confirm you wish to use Companions Forever Pet Cremation Service. Call us today at 320-253-0022

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Listen to our recent WJON radio interview on how Companions Forever is bringing this unique pet cremation service to Central Minnesota. Providing the human touch to end of life care of your pet with personal care and compassion.

We understand your special bond.


The delicate subject of the latter days of our pet's life is never an easy one to tackle. Pet people can find comfort knowing that Companions Forever is available days/evenings and weekends, and we are honored to help you. You can plan ahead with a Pre-arrangement of your pet. We will try to answer whatever questions you may have.

Professional & Compassionate