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Private Cremation Packages

Private Pet Cremation is done one at a time and your pet is placed in the chamber private and alone. Your pet's ashes are available within 24-48 hours. Our pet cremation service is for those who wish to have the cremated ashes of only their pet returned to them.

Packages Here at companions we understand this is a very difficult time, we are here to try making this process as easy as possible so we have three different packages to choose from. Or you can make your own package.


Pickup/return to Waite Park/St. Cloud Vet Clinic/Pet Hospital – $0


Pick up from residence (as calculated by Google Maps):

  • 0-15 miles– $50

  • 16-60 miles – $100

  • Personal Return of ashes to home (0-15 miles) – $50

  • Personal Return of ashes to home (16-60 miles) – $100

  • Bring pet in or pick up ashes – $0

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